Research assignment

Hoogleraar Professor
Endowed Professor

We are currently funding an endowed chair in “Giftedness, Transitions and Social Impact” at Tilburg University an important step towards making better use of the potential of the gifted. The aim is to fund this chair in 2024 at the latest.
The aim of the chair will be: to strengthen scientific research into giftedness over the entire life span, within various life and professional domains, from a longitudinal perspective, with attention to life transitions from the perspective of positive psychology.
In other word: how does giftedness influence the transition from school to work, from work to retirement, from retirement to successful old age? Under what conditions does giftedness really add value in organizations? What interventions are possible to develop and utilize this talent? And how do gifted people stay happy in the various phases of life and in their working lives? These are questions to which we as Mensa Foundation and Tilburg University would like to find scientific answers, and then share this in the form of knowledge and tools with various educational and various social stakeholders – for the benefit of humanity.
The research goals of the endowed chair are currently being further elaborated in a more detailed document (“structuur rapport”).

A crowdfunding campaign for the endowed chair ran from 7th May to 7th June 2022 however you can still contribute. Contribute directly to the chair position by donating now.