Long-term plan 2017-2020

This long-term policy plan succeeds the long-term policy plan Mensa Fonds (Mensa Foundation) 2013-2016. The board has concluded the direction indicated in this policy plan has not lost any validity, but the tempo for growth as elaborated in this plan has turned out to be unfeasible. The policy plan 2017-2020  copies the mission, vision and strategy from the existing policy plan without any alterations.

Added  are six concrete dots on the horizon. The first three dots have already been put into motion. The board shall fully invest in these in the near future. The other three are new and require elaboration.

In this plan is no prioritising for the activities. Every year the board will decide if and which ideas will be taken up. Having enough funding at its disposal is essential in this.
The board adopts a careful approach considering the still modest finances of the Mensa Fonds, but it is at the ready to execute larger projects, should the means become available.