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Prof. Dr. Danielle Posthuma ontvangt prestigieuze 2021 Mensa Foundation onderscheiding.

Prof. Dr. Danielle Posthuma

Professor Danielle Posthuma heeft de Mensa Foundation Prize 2021 ontvangen voor haar onderzoek dat voor het eerst honderden menselijke genen identificeert die sterk gecorreleerd zijn aan variaties in intelligentie. Als hoofd van de afdeling Complex Trait Genetics aan de VU en Amsterdam UMC leidt Posthuma een groep van 30 onderzoekers uit verschillende vakgebieden, waaronder statistiek, stamcelbiologie en bio-informatica. Lees hier meer over het onderzoek. Lees hier het interview dat de Mensa Foundation met Danielle Posthuma hield ter gelegenheid van de uitreiking.

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Lifetime achievement award
The Mensa Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award is presented every other year in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to the field of intelligence and related subjects. See description here.
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Recipients of grants and awards 2022
Not yet published.

Recipients of grants and awards 2021
Article of the Year Award
Martin Lövdén,
Education and Cognitive Functioning Across the Life Span

Small project grants:
Amos Pagin, PhD student at the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg:
To conduct a behavioural study, the purpose of which is to investigate the effects of learning on reasoning ability.
Leonie Balter, postdoc at Stockholm University, Department of Psychology:
To an experimental study on whether intelligence can predict resilience against the deleterious cognitive effects of sleep loss.
Malin Hildebrand Karlén, docent at University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology:
To perform analysis of a study of historical changes of the concept of intelligence.

Recipients of grants and awards 2020
Petri Kajonius, Högskolan Väst, Sweden, for Individuals with dark traits have the ability but not the disposition to empathize, read here.
Martin Kolk, Stockholm University, Sweden:, for Cognitive ability and fertility among Swedish men born 1951–1967: evidence from military conscription registers, read here.
Sonja Laine, University of Helsinki, Finland for Finnish elementary school teachers’ attitude toward gifted education, read here.
Kristine Stadskleiv, University of Oslo, Norway for Neuropsychological functioning in survivors of childhood medulloblastoma/CNS-PNET: The role of secondary medical complications,read here.