Donor info

Donor info

Do you want to support the Mensa Fonds? That can be done in different ways:
• Donate directly via our crowdfunding platform Whydonate;
• Make a one-off donation to IBAN NL16 INGB 0008877172 : any amount is welcome;
• Become a member of the Club of 100 – donate € 100 per year and donate 100 minutes of your time for 5 years;
• Join the Silver Friends by making a one-time donation of € 1000;
• Organize an activity / event or think of another creative way to raise money;
• Include the Mensa Foundation in your will.
We have been recognized by the tax authorities as an “ANBI” since our founding. This means that your donation is tax deductible under certain conditions. For more information see the website of the tax authorities or ask
A crowdfunding campaign ran until June 7th 2022 to obtain additional funding for the endowed chair “Giftedness, Transitions and Social Impact”. You can still donate directly through our crowdfunding platform Whydonate.

Every donation helps to realize the aims of the Mensa Foundation.

The Club of 100
The Club of 100 is a group of more than 20 people who have committed themselves to donate € 100 per year and to dedicate 100 minutes of their time to the Mensa Founds for 5 years. Periodically you can meet other Club of 100 members at mutual meetings; mutual exchange, inspiration and conviviality help to reach the goals of the Mensa Foundation that you are sympathetic to! Read more about the Club of 100 here. Or watch the video of Nelleke Boonstra (in Dutch) here, where she explains why she is a member of the Club of 100!

Silver Friends
A Silver Friend supports the work of the Mensa Fonds with a one-off contribution of € 1,000. Silver Friends permanently receive certain benefits from the organization, including special invitations to the presentation of the Awards and the annual benefit auction in January. In addition, there is the annual dinner with the chair where the Founding and Silver Friends to join and to discuss the course of the foundation.

Your own idea of fundraising
Naturally, the Mensa Fonds welcomes fundraising campaigns and other creative ways people come up with to support our goals financially. For example, Esmeralda Klein Reesink organized a fundraising campaign for her PhD and a group of volunteers has organized a great benefit dinner on several occasions. The distinguishing point for the organizer himself/herself devises the activity and is responsible for the event. The Mensa Fonds helps you plan your initiative and supports you with Communications if necessary. Do you have an idea that you’d like to discuss? Send an e-mail to

Include the Mensa Foundation in your will
You can have it included in your will that in the event of your death, all or part of your estate will go to the Mensa Foundation. This is called a bequest. A bequest must be included in a will and directly benefits the Mensa Foundation. As a public benefit institution (ANBI) and a not-for-profit organization, the Mensa Foundation does not have to pay inheritance tax on bequests. If you are considering this, consider discussing it with the public notary tht draws up your will. The tax authorities also provide information about inheritance law, inheritance tax and exemptions. Contact and we will help you with the required procedure.

Founding Friends
The Mensa Fonds was established on April 20th, 2013, at the annual busines meeting of Mensa Netherlands. Since then, we have been able to fund various project and have made our awards an annual high-profile program. This is thanks to our Founding Friends: they each donated €1,000, enabling the Mensa Foundation to get a solid start.

Founding Friends Organizations:
Companies/Institutions: Bob Romeo Consultancy (Henk Boerboom), Kantlijn (Greet van den Berg), Komen Management B.V. (Jeroen Komen), Lexperience Notary (Eric de Jong), Memocom B.V. (Hans Wegman), Association Mensa Netherlands. Watch the videos of Hans Wegman and Jeroen Komen here, why they are Founding Friend!
Individual Founding Friends:
Jeroen Besse , Willem Bouwens, Alice Doek, Caro van Eck, Grethe van Geffen, Dirk Hanke, Simon Kadijk, Kees Koenen, Fieke van der Lecq, Albert de Man (deceased), Angela Riddering, Bertus Schreuder, Rob Scipio, Denise Visser. Watch Grethe van Geffen’s video here, why she is a Founding Friend !

The Mensa Foundation thanks the Founding Friends for enabling us to make a flying start!